Imagine a brand that combines women’s empowerment, technology, and designer jewelry, i.e. the many reasons I love my Soko pieces. Besides being chic and stylish, the unique hand-made pieces are versatile; good statement pieces for the office or a night out in city. Soko acknowledges that people matter and this is how they do it:

  1. The artisans they work with are from countries where there is extreme poverty. On average, a Soko artisan’s household income increased 4X once they started working with the company.
  2. The pieces they sell are truly unique, coming from over 30 countries around the world.
  3. The handcrafted and often upcycled jewelry leaves a minimal carbon footprint, making it an equally beautiful piece to those found in select department stores.
  4. The founders of Soko saw a problem and established a solution that is driven by technology and bridging the gap from artisan to consumer.
  5. The women employed by Soko are culturally diverse and come from a host of different minority groups on all levels of their corporate ladder.

Add the “Fringe on Chain” Necklace to your collection, and spread this for good style!

Join me next week as I reveal yet another brand making a big impact!


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