Patagonia Bookbag

Patagonia has a sense of style with profound purpose. Saving the environment has never looked so good! Time to get ready for summer with the Patagonia backpack.


I featured Patagonia before and they are here again, because they are just THAT GOOD! Here are a few reasons why I keep going back:

  1. Patagonia provides supply chain details to keep the company transparent. They call it the “Footprint Chronicles”, where we can look at their textile mills, factories, and farms. It will provide you with information on the location, number of workers, demographics, what is produced as well as general information on the location.
  2. Not only are they dedicated to the people they work with, but also the environment. They launched their Worn Wear program, repairs for their gear so that you can keep using the same product for years to come.
  3. They are extremely dedicated to human trafficking, and try and combat this in the fashion industry by working with Verite, who audits their supply chain, to ensure they are not supporting traffickers.
  4. On their website, under “The New Localism”, they highlight causes they are passionate about and tell you how to get involved. There are several issues, but most deal with the environment.
  5. If you thought that Patagonia was just good for clothing, you are happily mistaken. They also created Patagonia Provisions which sells Bison Jerky! Bison are a keystone species, which means they positively influences their ecosystem and protect grasslands. Breeding keeps them from going back to extinction, and they are grass-fed, free-range, antibiotic, hormone free, and treated humanely.   
This backpack packs a lot: protecting bison, environmental activism, and keeping you ready with weekend essentials but light on your feet. Grab one today!





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