Alphabet Scoop

Today, I give you a sweet treat: Alphabet Scoop! Social justice meets ice cream? Count me in!

Alphabet Scoop is located in the East Village in Manhattan, and is run by The Father’s Heart Ministries. Incorporated in 1997, The Father’s Heart Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has been helping people move from dependency and poverty to dignity and prosperity. This is done through their various programs, such as Hunger Prevention, Hair with Heart, Restoration Day, KidZone, GED preparation, ESL classes, and of course, Alphabet Scoop.

I love to volunteer with the Hunger Prevention program and serve the homeless on Saturday mornings, and what makes my day even better is ending my service with a good scoop of homemade ice cream!

At this quaint little spot, you participate in the lives of teenagers through truly transformative dairy desserts! With the program, teens receive work and training to advance themselves in their schooling and work goals. They receive classroom instruction and work under supervisors at the ice cream shop.

They get hands on care and attention with caring mentors that offer friendship, guidance, support, and encouragement which many lack in their own school and home environments! All of this is done in collaboration with the Mentoring Partnership of New York.

Every time you buy an ice cream, you provide this resource to another teen...keeping them in a teaching and nurturing environment and off the streets. At $3.75, your single scoop goes a long way.

My favorite ice cream the Caramel Apple Pie, delicious vanilla ice cream laced with caramel ribbons and sugared apple pieces, studded with warm pie crust crumbs-- aka the real American dream. If you want to add a bit more fun, head to their self-serve sprinkle bar and top your delicious treat with extra fun!

So, have a cheat day or a few and run to Alphabet Scoop, open from 6-10PM (Wed - Fri), 11AM-11PM (Sat), and 2-10PM (Sun). Follow The Father’s Heart Ministries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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