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Nomi Network Honors Actress & Activist Julia Ormond Through Her 501(c)(3) ASSET

This past Tuesday, Nomi Network celebrated success at our 7th Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony, where we raised over $300,000 for the 200 women waiting to gain admission into our programs.  We also honored three great figures in the fight against human trafficking, including Julia Ormond, recipient of the Global Ambassador Award and Founder and President of the nonprofit, The Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking (ASSET).

The ASSET Campaign wants to stop slavery before it happens, and it is not without a struggle that they created legislation to counter this commercialized epidemic. What is their notable success? The Transparency In Supply Chain Act (TISC).

“This Act requires the major retailers or manufacturers in the state to publicly disclose their policy, i.e. what they are doing to eradicate slavery and human trafficking throughout their product supply chains.”

Before this powerful legislation, companies only shared with the public their policies on gender and race. However, now we get to know their policies on supply chains! This is HUGE because knowledge is power. Right now, this is only active in California, but what are the CA-TISC highest complying companies broken down by industry?

  • Apparel: Burberry, Patagonia
  • Electronics: Intel, HP
  • Food: Archer Daniels
  • Paper: Clearwater

Now, let’s be clear, this does not mean that these brands are 100% slave-free, ethical, or sustainable.  However, these companies are being open about their practices and allowing us to see what they do and don’t do...and as the public, we can use that to inspire positive change.

Brands look to their consumers for change, but consumers, more often than not, do not know where to look to find this information. As a result, ASSET has made a huge move to make any company that generates an annual gross receipt of USD $100 million included in their campaign!

ASSET did not stop in the United States, but moved into Europe to create the UK TISC. 36 million pounds is the benchmark for inclusion; and today, over 24,000 companies meet California and UK regulations based on TISC. Other countries that have taken note and are interested in implementing TISC include the Philippines, Australia, and Germany. Now, the challenge is making these regulations uniform worldwide so that compliance is easily translated for any company.    

We were so honored and proud to have showcased ASSET at our Gala this year. For us, this legislation not only puts power in the hands of the everyday person, but also holds companies accountable for their actions. If they aren’t doing good, they need to show it...and we need to tell them to do better. Because we have freedom, and that freedom gives us a voice that the millions of people trapped in slavery do not have.

Never forget that everything costs a price, but campaigns like this and the brands that we feature here are trying to do more...and I for one, am happy to try harder if it means someone else can be free!

Read more on ASSET via their website, Facebook, & Twitter!

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