Beulah London

Want to get some gear that the royals are wearing? Then try Beulah London! 

Beulah London is at the intersection between high end fashion and purpose. Founded in 2011, English aristocrat Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and fashion designer Lavinia Brennan met at church and have gone on to create a wonderful and well recognized brand.

But what does Beulah London do that catches everyone's attention?

  1. EMPLOYMENT – Beulah London works with Freeset, a fair trade company that provides employment to women at risk and survivors of Kolkata’s sex trafficking circles. *Nomi Network also works with Freeset so we're a big fan!
  2. PARTNERSHIPS – They partner with big hitters such as the United Nations on their Blue Heart Campaign, which raises awareness and provides funding for survivors of human trafficking. For example, they donate 10% of profits from their Shibani Scarf in Blue Heart Print to the campaign. 50% of profits from their Heart Canvas 'Bag For Love' sales go straight to Freeset.
  3. EDUCATION – This is where the Beulah Trust comes in! The trust is a charitable foundation with the goal of alleviating human trafficking by elevating women to become business minded, trained, and skilled. This advances them further and brings positive change to their local communities. 

Other great things Beulah London does? How about #myweekinbeulah, Scarf Stories, and Beulah Girls?

And there are just so many great and fun ways they share their brand, mission, and stories. #myweekinbeulah features women, from models to filmmakers, that showcase Beulah for a week. Scarf Stories are just that, fun and creative ways scarves create positive change, and wouldn’t we all want to be a Beulah Girl?

Let’s not forget to check their Lookbook; their newest collect is called “Garden of Eden”! I would love to bite into that.

Oh, and if you ever want to get that customized Beulah London look? Just request an appointment and visit their store in London to have your own Beulah London garment tailored to you.

So if you truly want to dress like a socially-conscious-freedom-fighter-princess-with-style, meet me at Beulah London!

For more, visit their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the World of Beulah!


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