Is it beanie season yet? The answer is yes and I’m beyond excited!

beyondBeanie (bB) is a social clothing brand that supports children in Bolivia in a multitude of ways through the purchase of their products!

In 2014, Co-Founders Hector Alvarez and Paty Lucero combined their skills in business and design to do their part in improving the lives of thousands of children in Bolivia. They do this through bB by...

  1. Creating meaningful work for female artisans, usually coming from vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, in a place that recognizes and respects them as equals.
  2. Providing meals, dental care, school supplies, and school uniforms to impoverished children.

From baby to grandparent, everyone can support this business for good. Purchasing a bracelet, beanie, bag, headband, or poncho supports the businesses of over 20 artisans in La Paz and Cochabamba. Each item is also hand-signed by the artisan who made it, so you get something completely unique.

Fun Facts from bB:

  • One Beanie = FIVE SCHOOL MEALS
  • One Bracelet = DENTAL CARE

That’s an awesome way to see the power of your purchase! But there’s more… you can thank the artisan who made your particular item through their own page on the bB website! An online pen pal and a unique product? You better shop right now, and I’ll be right behind you!

Find more on bB through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, & their Blog!


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