Modern Basics. Radical Transparency. That’s what I love in my fashion, and Everlane has just that! Everlane has beach ready wear for men and women, and I love their clean and fresh take on neutral colors with a twist.

One of my favorite picks is the The Street Sandal, priced at $120 but traditionally retailed for $270. These true to size, strappy, and super comfy shoes are made from 100% full-grain Italian leather, made in Italy, and can go from business to pleasure in a breeze (or into sandy beaches)!

But what is the meaning of retail versus their price? Well, they know their factories. They know who is producing what and from where, and it is that personal connection within the supply chain that I adore! They call it transparent pricing, meaning you, the customer, have every right to know how much it costs to make the products you buy.

  1. #KnowYourFactories - As said before, they know their factories. Everlane lists them on their website with locations, time zones, and even weather! Because why wouldn’t you believe the where when they tell you the how, why, when, and who.

  2. #KnowYourCosts - There is no reason mass production can’t be sustainable and fair waged! This is why you know their costs. Since they take products directly from suppliers to you via the great wide Internet, they cut so many expenses and give you fairer prices than other big brand retailers give.

  3. #AlwaysAskWhy - Complacency is the reason why so much human trafficking exists today. Everlane is neither ready nor willing to be complacent, because they want their customers to hold them accountable. You have every right (and encouraged) to keep them on their toes and fighting the so easy slip into making things cheaper and faster by cutting transparency or using exploitation.

Learn more by meeting their team, reading their blog, visiting Twitter, Instagram, and even following them on Snapchat- because they want to know you too!

Whether you need a pair of the bestselling men’s Swim Short, a Mini Double Knit Blanket for the baby, or anything from their coming soon women’s line, you will not be disappointed with Everlane. When you refer a friend who purchases, you even receive $25 to spend! That and free shipping when you buy 2 or more items? Now you can’t pass up that deal! Shop now.


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