Let’s talk about healthcare, and one company that is pushing forward all-natural good - LOLA!

LOLA is making it okay to talk about that thing that literally half the population face: menstruation. Now, don’t grimace. It is perfectly natural, but what’s not natural is what women are forced to put in their bodies!

Setting aside the tampon tax (#TamponsAreNotALuxury), the number of chemicals and unnecessary things people have been accustomed to consuming is incredible. Not with this 100% all-natural tampon.

If people are all-natural, then why shouldn’t their tampons be, too? LOLA only uses 100% organic cotton with no dyes, chemicals, or synthetics.

All their products are made in Europe and packed just for you in the USA. LOLA’s European partner has been manufacturing feminine products for nearly 40 years. They are also FDA approved because that’s Very important!  

These products are made by women, for women. Your order is delivered straight to your door in a discrete box because nobody else needs to know...unless you want them to!

LOLA gives you more than just size options. They have Applicator Tampons, containing BPA-free compact plastic applicators, and new Non-Applicator Tampons! From regular to SUPER+, it’s just you and pure cotton. Not sure about tampons? They also have Ultra Thin Pads w/ Wings and Ultra Thin Liners, all made from 100% organic cotton!

REAL FACTS: Did you know millions of women worldwide lack access to feminine hygiene products? That means instead of going to school or work, they are quarantined for a week every month! In some places, it’s medieval what women have to go through.

However, we often assume if we are a “first-world country”, all our problems are...easier? Not true! Over 40 million US women in poverty or on the brink of poverty do not have access to these basic needs. So what does LOLA do?

LOLA partners with Support The Girls, Distributing Dignity, & Simply the Basics to give millions of low-income women access to proper feminine hygiene products. Since July 2015, they have distributed 100,000 tampons to 27 states, 60 cities, and over 100 shelters!

So, get with the program ladies--- love yourself and get only the best for your body. Get 1 free box on your first order when you order 2+ boxes.

Follow LOLA on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & their blog: The Broadcast (for all those questions you’re too afraid to ask your doctor...and more)!


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