Love For Humanity

Sun’s out, so skin’s out! But are you in need of some chemical-free, all-natural skincare? Let me introduce you to Love For Humanity!

We always need to take care of our bodies, but sometimes we forget that our skin needs to be hydrated and maintained too. Unfortunately, a lot of cosmetics and skincare products contain lots of chemicals and not enough...well, love!

Love For Humanity wants to give just that, in a convenient little bottle. I love the Coconut & Lemon Nourishing Face Cream that gives my face a wonderfully radiant look while making my skin soft and supple. With very basic ingredients - many of them certified organic - Love For Humanity wants to take care of you with the very best nature has to offer.

Why are they called Love For Humanity?

  1. Beauty With Purpose “[advocates] for skin care that truly restores and nourishes”
  2. One Purchase = One Meal is how they give back through Feed The Children, because “one of the 16 million children [suffers] with hunger around the world”
  3. Honestly Organic and All-Natural means they “never ever use toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, silicones, or formaldehyde…[their] ingredients are all derived from natural plant-based sources”
  4. Highly Potent Products That Are Affordable because they are “made in small artisan batches, and prepared fresh to order—virtually unheard of in the mass-produced skin care industry”
  5. Environmentally Responsible Business Practices spans every part of production such as being “cruelty-free, never tested on animals”, “using all-natural ingredients grown in soil free of chemicals”, having “100% recycled packaging”, utilizing “wind energy”, and justly compensating their farmers and suppliers

Now, that’s a lot of love, and if my small bottle of face cream can do all of it, then I want a couple more bottles please! This 100% USA based brand also has Cosmetics from Primer + Concealer to Vegan Brushes + Accessories for those days and nights out:)

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