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This month is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and we found you exactly what you need: fair trade and socially good denim!

Outland Denim started when founder, James Bartle, travelled to Asia and truly saw the brokenness of sex trafficking.

From there, the “Denim Project” was created and enabled girls to further their sewing skills and use it in new ways. From sourcing to production, remote Cambodian villages now have great facilities that house all this development!

Though their flagship store is in Australia, Outland Denim prides themselves on their sustainable practices and goal to fight modern day slavery, one great pair of jeans at a time!

Since they are a small operation, their styles are very limited, unique, and selective. Their goal is to not join in the surplus of goods that flood our market today, but targeting their audience and make only what needs to be made, no more and no less. Learn about the jean making process here!

Outland Denim support organizations that Rescue and Restore, while they provide the Training and Opportunities.

  1. contribute AU$50 from every jeans sale made online & in-store to anti-trafficking agencies as well as providing counseling programs
  2. The Sewing Room (Kampong Cham, Cambodia) provide skills and technical training to ensure financial stability once women are rescued and restored
  3. these new skills connect the women with fair trade jobs that value them as individuals

Throughout this entire model, Outland Denim ensures fair wages, benefits and support, and socially beneficial choices that improve local communities, the environment, and most importantly, the women they work with.

They also ensure any manufacturers or source materials they work with are ethical and treat their workers fairly and well! They are always willing and excited to take your calls and questions, too -- just to make sure you truly trust their brand and their promises.

Fun facts about their supply chain is that they:

  1. Use organic cotton which also uses less water in washing processes
  2. Use natural indigo dyes that are plant based, reducing pollution in manufacturing
  3. Use YKK for all their zippers because they are made from recycled materials
  4. List all their manufacturers from leather patches to thread, ensuring you know & love every part of your jean!

Find them on Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and learn more via their online Journal!

Shop Outland Denim for the women & men in your life, because denim has never looked nor felt so good!


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