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From adorable onesies for the baby to their breathable socks, PACT Apparel is all about dressing the whole family in fair trade cotton.

Now, I might not need to be buying baby clothes at the moment, but I can still buy into this awesome brand because PACT has entire outfits and common essentials for men, women, and babies. “We're all about super soft clothes and putting people first.” Sounds like my kind of clothing line!

Reasons to buy all your tanks and undies from PACT:

  1. No Sweatshops: All PACT Apparel is sweatshop free. Their factories meet and exceed their own high environmental and social standards. For PACT, their bottom line includes fair compensation and safe environments for their workers, families, and the community.
  2. No Child Labor: PACT believes kids should be wearing their clothes, not making them. No children are harmed in the making of these clothes. Again, well-compensated adults bring PACT as a company to life, and in return PACT sends their kids to school!
  3. No Toxic Pesticides: You know what shouldn’t be in your underwear? Toxins. All of their farmers use organic methods instead of heavy chemicals. You don’t need a bunch of chemicals to make super soft cotton, and PACT is all about that super soft cotton.
  4. Non-GMO Organic Cotton: Not only does the use of non-GMO resources keep you feeling clean and safe, it cut costs for the farmers supplying the resources. Big plus: organic cotton uses up to 95% less water than conventional cotton during the wash phase.
  5. Prove It: This is my big ticket item - PACT is not about faking it until they make it. PACT certifies their greenness, sustainability, and eco-friendly nature through the Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and Fair Trade USA.

It’s interesting to note that some of their products do not have the Fair Trade logo, but that simply means certain countries already have unions and wage protection in place for workers (YAY!) and don’t necessarily recognize the labeling process. That being said, no matter what products you get, everything made by PACT Apparel is manufactured in safe facilities and always sweatshop-free and child-labor-free.

Heads up: some of their products aren’t 100% cotton because some products need to be able to stretch a bit (think post-thanksgiving meal wastebands). For these items their cotton is blended with small amounts of elastane, a synthetic fiber; so just check the labeling because PACT always provides fabric content in the product detail for every item.

These are all great way PACT keeps true to their mission: “putting people first”. PACT Apparel is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and watch some great videos on Youtube!


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