People Tree

Sometimes it is hard to shop in a world saturated with products, products, products. Is this sustainable? Organic? Fair trade? Well, People Tree has the solution, yes to all the above!

This company is truly sustainable; they empower someone with every product because at every level of the supply chain, someone benefits. For example, they work with the physically disabled people in Kenya, support local and organic cotton farmers in India, and provide livelihoods to women in Bangladesh.

This is but a few examples of their movement towards being 100% Fair Trade in all aspects of the business. How does it happen? They:

  1. SUPPORT suppliers with economic independence and control over their lives to challenge the structures of society that tell them otherwise
  2. PROTECT the environment through natural resources, promote environmentally responsible initiative, and maintain sustainability
  3. SUPPLY customers with the ability to change the fashion industry, one product sale at a time
  4. PROVIDE a supportive environment to all stakeholders and create understanding about the goal to be slave free
  5. SET AN EXAMPLE to other industries that the bottom line does not need to come at the price of another human being

They have received many awards and recognition and even participate in Fashion Revolution Week. People Tree provides customers with a Social Review, which maps out their impact as well as holds the company accountable to their promises of fair trade fashion. To keep things interesting, they hold Competitions that reward you with prizes and choice merchandise.

So, check them out on their blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and their lookbooks, but also click and shop because we need to support brands that support giving and growing and not just taking.


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Every effort is made to verify the accuracy of these external resources; however, Diana Mao and Nomi Network cannot guarantee or control the content, usefulness, or appropriateness of these sites or that their products are 100% slave free.

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