Princess Awesome

In honor of International Day of the Girl (Oct 11), I bring you: Princess Awesome! Empowering young girls everywhere with education and fashion!

Princess Awesome fights gender roles and stereotypes by bringing girls something other than flowers, butterflies, and cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to those things! However, when we limit our children’s wear based on some archaic stereotypes and flawed marketing, we limit their ability to grow into their full potential, irrespective of their gender.

Now, I don’t have kids but I’m all for the Trains Busy Dress (wish it came in my size)! From playdates to just being stunning for a class picture, this great dress is trimmed with trains in a unique pattern. Can’t get that at “pink versus blue” store! But that is the conversation that Princess Awesome wants to change!

Founded by two moms, who wanted to gets their daughters some clothes, but found all the robots, dinosaurs, and other cool stuff their daughters liked designated to the “boys aisle”, Rebecca and Eva started their batch out of Eva’s basement...and look where they are now!

They have been featured on CBS, CNN, the Huffington Post & more! But where does Princess Awesome make their amazing collections now?

The factory is in Chicago, Illinois, where Rebecca grew up! “Most of the factory’s employees are women, and, to accommodate their needs, the shop opens early and closes at 3pm each day so the seamstresses can pick up their kids from school.”

Fighting stereotypes, employing women, fair and ethical work space, and engaging in positive conversation about young girls and their need to be unboxed? That sounds like a brand I can get behind!

So, celebrate International Day of Girl (a little late, but never sorry) by shopping Princess Awesome! Get clothes that rule...just like any little girl does!

Follow their great trends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and their blog!

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