Same Sky

Hand up, not handout, Same Sky’s motto.

Same Sky has honored that statement through their amazing work in Rwanda. They are creating employment opportunities to women who are in extreme poverty. Their artisans “earn 15 to 20 times the average wage in Sub Saharan Africa, and 100% of net proceeds are reinvested to train and employ more artisans in need.” 

Why Rwanda? During a brutal genocide in 1994, about one million people were murdered. During that 100 days of war, approximately a quarter of a million women contracted HIV/AIDS due to rape. The war left them as widows, single mothers, and orphaned girls. That’s why Same Sky exists. They saw talent everywhere, but not enough opportunity.

What is their model? Transparency - and they encourage every brand to follow that lead. Here’s how:

  • Focus on women’s employment
  • Get to know the talents and the passions of the artisans, and design products that build upon them
  • Provide training and a collective learning environment facilitating personal growth and interpersonal leadership
  • Provide materials
  • Pay 15 to 20 times more than the average wage
  • Create a global marketplace

That sounds like an awesome business plan to me, because it is more than a business or product; it is a matter of changing the world. I am thankful for the opportunities that led me to be Nomi Network’s President & Co-Founder and it is through my work that I want every woman to feel like they are free to chose their future no matter what their past has been.

As for Same Sky, with all the success and amazing work they have done in Rwanda, they also have come to America and “[provide] the women of The Most Excellent Way Halfway House, who have recently been released from Hudson County Jail, with training and employment to hand-bead the Same Sky Benefit Collection.”

My favorite in their collection? Their Renewed Gemstone Benefit Bracelet. It is gold with pearl-finish beads and studded with a bright green chalcedony. It is artisan made in the USA and benefits their programs in America.

So, I encourage you to shop around...from men to women, Same Sky has something for you to proudly wear and share!

Stay up to date with Same Sky on the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, & their Blog!



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