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My feature this week is all about “laughter” and some strappy shoes!

Sseko (SAY-KO) means “laughter” in Luganda (the Bantu language of the Baganda people, widely used in Uganda), and we could all use a little bit more laughter in our lives! Founded in 2010, Sseko Designs started in Uganda and has expanded to Kenya and Ethiopia by supplying the world with some of the most adorable leather goods.

From Apparel and Footwear to Leather Bags and Accessories, Sseko Designs provides economic opportunities to women who have dreams. I’m a big dreamer myself, so when dreams meet passion, we see evidence of change and more importantly, we create hope!

Founder Liz Bohannon beautifully stated her drive as providing the women in her programs with “ opportunity to work. An opportunity to succeed and earn and save. To work in a place that was dignified and honoring. To work in an environment and with people who saw beyond the seemingly impossible barriers of the now and had a vision for what they would become.”

Every Sseko product has a story, which is told by the ones who sell these goods...and the ones who buy them! Sseko Designs employs a team of 50 women in Uganda, from full-time veterans of the program to Sseko graduates and university-bound women. You can meet them, read about their dreams, and get updates from those in their programs.

What do I love beyond the great sandals? Sseko’s Sole Sister Program! By becoming a Sseko Fellow, you choose to represent Sseko, where your sales create a direct impact on your Sole Sister, a woman in Sseko’s program. I love that you get a sister from across the globe. I am all for expanding your family to create and share more love.

This month Sseko sent off their 2017 university-bound class to university so they will officially be in triple digits with 102 university women! Their team in Uganda is provided with employment opportunities and access to other programs that support and strengthen their skills and training. What’s even better? Their financially self-sustaining model allows women in the US to earn an income through their Fellows program.

Check out their BlogFacebookTwitter, Instagram, and most importantly, their store. Find your favorite pair of adjustable and customizable sandals...and perhaps you can get a Sole Sister out of it too!


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