Summer By Nomi

100% cotton meets the gift of a smile.

Smile for Hope is our latest production partner, and we are proud to have them on our team! This organization is brand new and was created to fill the gaps others had left behind.

Our newest collection, Summer by NOMI, features the Flare and Peek-a-Boo tanks in fun and fresh colors: White, Light Blue, and Midnight Blue. Dress it up or down, for a night out or a day at the beach...and feel the softness of organic cotton on your skin. We hope that brings a smile to your face! 

Human trafficking is prevalent in various communities and those at risk include not only women and young children, but also disabled and disenfranchised individuals. At Nomi Network, we want you to know that we strive to better not only the Cambodian community, but the world as a whole through our partnerships with nongovernmental agencies (NGOs) and other nonprofits.

Through our Nomi International Fashion Incubator (NIFI), Nomi Network Cambodia seeks to train, empower, equip, and connect organizations that work with survivors and vulnerable communities with one another. It is through this connection that Supei Liu, our Co-Founder and VP of Global Initiatives says, “We truly believe that in a not so distant future, we will see a new [generation] of Cambodian designers, fashion entrepreneurs, and global brands.”

With Nomi International Fashion Training (NIFT), networking events, coaching, market access, scholarships/grants, partnerships, and capacity building, Nomi Network has connected Smile for Hope to you. Our hope is this: that we would be able to eradicate human trafficking in our lifetime by enhancing the skillsets and services of Cambodian entrepreneurs and workers, so that Cambodia can rise to the global platform.

So wear our Summer Collection with a smile and know that you provided a hand up to someone across the seas!


For more information about our programs in Cambodia, please visit NIFT Cambodia!



For more information about our programs in Cambodia, please visit here!



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