The Giving Keys

Ever wonder what to do with keys without locks? Make them into accessories and pay it forward with The Giving Keys!

The Giving Keys is a Pay It Forward Company, and I’m all for making my purchase go the distance. Started a little over 3 years ago by actress, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Caitlin Crosby, it’s clear that she has always been ready to use her talents for improving the world around her. What are some of those talents? Well, for starters, wearing a hotel key around her neck and making it look awesome while providing dinner for a homeless couple.

What started as a simple accessory and one act of kindness blossomed into a company that helps those affected by homelessness. See? Even the little things change the world...or they can, with your help!

The Giving Keys is a For-Profit Social Business and no percentage goes to the homeless. So, how are they combating homelessness?

  1. Suppling Employment: Chrysalis is a nonprofit that partners with TGK by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment.
  2. Breaking Poverty Cycles: LIFT helps those employed by TGK by strengthening their connections to social services, supportive relationships, and the local community.
  3. Providing Permanent Housing: Downtown Women’s Center ensures that homelessness stops at their front door, because after someone enters, they have a safe home for however long they need.

Although this work may seem limited to the Los Angeles area, I believe this is a small step towards national and even global change! To see true evidence of this positivity, just read the stories of their employees.

Partner in change by buying a key, engraving a word into it, embracing that word, and then unlocking a new beginning for another! I love the idea that a single purchase will not just be for me, but for someone else who might pay it forward too! The great thing about keys is that their purpose is to unlock, so your key will always fit somewhere.

So, buy online or check out countless stores that carry The Giving Keys using their Store Mapper. Want to read more? There are so many #PayItForward stories to look through, or you can even write your own once you pass along your own key!

Don’t want to buy a key just yet (*gasp*), but have tons of keys to give? Donate them, and that random key you found under your bed while dusting becomes a story of change, love, and inspiration!

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