The Mason Bar Company

Water looks great in a bottle. But it looks better in a mason jar. Actually, everything looks better in a mason jar.

This week, I feature The Mason Bar Company. In August 2011, owner and creator Bobbi Bankston wanted something sustainable for all those drinks we have on the go. They are located in “the small mountain town of Sonora, California”, where only 10 people push this amazing product worldwide! They partner with other organization and send proceeds to great cause, like sponsoring a child. Their partner in 2016 was Farm To Kids, where for every pound of almonds FTK sells, a pound is given to a needy child in the US.

My favorite product is the Original Mason Jar Tumbler. It comes with a MBC tumbler lid and a reusable straw, so I can seal it on the go and still drink. Best for those hot beach days when I want to put something fruity and chilled.

However, they have more than glass jars. Bamboo storage lids and shaker tops. Straw brushes and reusable acrylic straws. Essential oils. All this good stuff keeps people smiling, hydrated, and most importantly, keeps the world cleaner.

Instead of buying plastic bottles you forget to recycle or pricey containers, grab a cute Mason Jar and be #hipsterchic...and environmentally savvy. As Bobbi says, “Happy Earth. Happy Drink. Happy Customer.”

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