Thistle Farms

Trafficking wasn’t the end of my story”, and that is a statement we fully support! What is the brand helping women articulate this powerful statement? Thistle Farms.

Bringing our focus back home, we need to realize that human trafficking doesn’t care about country boundaries or state lines. It happens everywhere, however, down in Nashville, Thistle Farms is breaking chains and rebuilding lives.

Fun Facts:

  1. Ballers: Paid over $800,000 directly to survivors in paychecks
  2. Sisterhood: Has 22 sister programs across the USA
  3. Education: Trained 2,500 advocates through various programs & workshops
  4. Community: Saved local communities over $700,000/year by reinvesting in people
  5. Reaching for the stars: Surpassed $1,700,000 in revenue last year, and on target to reach $2,000,000 this year
  6. Second Chances: 84% of women entering the program graduate in two and a half years, clean and sober

Thistle Farms provides residential housing, programs and training to create their bath & body products, and connections to retail brand everywhere! Read more about their model here. So, what is my featured favorite?

The Tea Tree Mint Lip Balm. Made from olive oil, almond oil, beeswax, and shea butter, you will fight chilly weather and chapped lips with soothing and creamy lip balm that smells wonderful and feels warm! If Tea Tree Mint isn’t your cup of tea (pun intended), try all-natural Lavender, Citrus Vanilla, Lemon Sage, Tuscan Earth...or the fragrance-free and always additive-free, Unscented Lip Balm.  

And if you are ever in the Nashville area, stop by the Thistle Stop Cafe for #AStoryInEveryCup.

But they don’t stop in Nashville or the US, because there is also Thistle Farms Global! By connecting women around the world to consumers directly, they are achieving their goal: to bridge the gap to bring women together in a movement for economic freedom!

So whether it is For Her, For Him, or For Home, you just have to join Thistle Farms and prove to the world that #LoveHeals.

Learn more about Thistle Farms on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram & their Blog.


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