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Join the Nomi Team and be bespectacled with Warby Parker!

Warby Parker, naming inspired by Jack Kerouac characters, is the solution to affordable glasses with style and edge. The four bespectacled founders created this fashionable, sustainable, and giving corporation for two purposes, 1) to be an alternative to expensive and unimpressive eyewear offered and 2) to be a business that solves problems and not create them.

For #2 to happen, this is what Warby Parker does:

  1. They design their glasses in-house, cutting out exploitation and monopolization of the market, as well as making them higher quality and more stylish;)

  2. They work with nonprofits, like VisionSpring, to provide training for basic eye exams and bring glasses to these communities. They have already distributed over two million pairs of glasses to people in need!

  3. They work with Verité to ensure their supply chain is always free of human trafficking.

  4. #BuyAPairGiveAPair - They make a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners by tallying the number of glasses sold. By making it a donation for technical training and manufacturing, they remove the dependency of giving and instead invest in the lives of people worldwide through job creation.

“703 million people currently live without access to eyewear”, but that doesn’t scare Warby Parker. A pair of glasses increases productivity and income, and hear the first hand account of this positive change from Warby Parker partners like Toti and Omprakash, Bharti, and Karan!

Find a Warby Parker Retail Location near you or try the Free Home Try On for a new pair of glasses to have and to give. If you are ever having trouble with finding the right pair, just tag Warby Parker and they’ll respond with honest reviews, suggestions, and help!

So, Follow/Like Warby Park on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, and their Blog to let others know that being called “four eyes” is actually a compliment:)

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