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I’m going vegan...well, my footwear is at least. Go vegan with Wills!

When I’m in the grocery store, I am all about asking questions about how my purchases promote a healthy body, protecting the environment, and ending animal cruelty; but as I’m sure we’ve all realized, sometimes those questions are harder to connect to our fashion choices, especially when it comes to shoes! We’ve become accustomed to industries that teach us that things are siloed “for a reason”, and that there’s only “one way” to get things done. Well, founder Will Green disagrees! Wills Vegan Shoes is PETA approved and connects high end fashion with the ongoing battle against animal cruelty.

Are these shoes edible? Nope. Will these shoes disintegrate on your feet after a month of wear and tear? Not a chance. So let me tell you how these vegan shoes are made!

  1. The Beginning: In Spring 2013, Will Green combined his transition from vegetarianism to veganism with an experience at a new company to launch his endeavour: vegan, ethical, fashionable, and fairly priced shoes.
  2. The Materials: They use microfiber/microfibre and polyurethanes (PU) from Italy and Spain for the uppers and linings, synthetic glue, and thermoplastic rubber (TPR/TR) for the soles. All of which use no animal by products and no animals are harmed in the making.
  3. The Factories: Workers are paid in accordance with European guidelines and ensured their environment meets ethical standards. Can’t love the animals and forget about the hard working people, right?
  4. The Future: While thus far Will does most of the designing himself, he is launching into children’s footwear and will be joined shortly by some new team members and partnerships! They’re shooting for the stars.

Wills Vegan Shoes is constantly releasing new styles and keeping ahead of trends. While there is no physical store yet, the future goal is to be a staple in high-end shopping communities globally. And, if you are ever traveling, a handful of lucky stores worldwide currently carry some of Wills creations. Shout out to this one in LA - Vegan Chic!

So, get that shoe shopping budget together and get to clicking! Right now Wills is offering FREE shipping & 365 days returns on all US orders.

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