Won Hundred

Won Hundred, this is a company that puts their bottom line to the back burner and does what is right!

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, this Danish brand is a small but bold! Products are ethically and sustainably supplied, manufactured, and modeled. Versatile pieces can be dressed up or down, because work and play should not have such wide separation nor should trendy pieces and sustainability. My top pick is the Christie in Black Iris, a sporty shiny jersey long dress. It is perfect for business meetings andlate night dinners (and on SALE right now for only $72)!

They make their mark through uncomparable sourcing practices, and they keep it up to date by constantly checking on their suppliers and manufacturers, as well as never stepping into a new partnership without confirming their expectations for human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. 

Won Hundred keeps it ; and this is how:

  1. Their Code of Conduct is based on the 10 Principles of UN Global Compact, such as Principle 1 (Human Rights) and 2 (Rights of the Child). All suppliers sign the Code of Conduct before any form of business.

  2. They do not use fur in any products and even decided to ban Angora Wool, because they could not guarantee ethical treatment of the rabbits involved. Why step into a shaky agreement when you can stand on a firm solution?

  3. Their underwear collection is GOTS certified (The Global Textile Standard). Harvesting of the cotton, dyeing, printing, packaging and labelling, are checked and meet the international social and environmental standards, and the standards for Organic production.

  4. Their models will never be less than a EUR 36 (US 6, UK 4) and are always over 16 years old, because the way the items look on healthy and happy individuals is just as important as the manufacturing of the items.

So reach into your travel savings and explore Denmark and the Netherlands, not just for Won Hundred Stores, but they are a plus! For the rest of us, we can travel via InstagramPinterest, and Google+. Or browse through their Lookbook, and pick out some Scandinavian style to add to your own look!


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