Here’s to cutting fast fashion out of our shopping diets. Here’s to setting a new standard in fashion. Here’s to Zady.

What I love about Zady is that they take a hard look at what the word “quality” means. We, as consumers, have become so accustomed to getting things fast and cheap, yet they fall apart or get replaced by the new trends in a blink of an eye. All of this happens while the environment and people suffer making...bad clothing. Yeah, I said it. But Zady has brought their own collection, along with other quality brands, to the marketplace so that we can stop buying into the “empty calories” of fast trends and cheap labor, and become better, healthier consumers.

So what are some key aspect of Zady that makes me shout “this is good clothing!”?

  1. The New Standard: Zady provides you with the facts of cheap, fast production; ex: Did you know that 80 billion pieces of clothing are created per year, and that chemicals from chemically treated clothes still gets absorbed into skin no matter how many time you wash it?

  2. Business in Society: They set themselves up as an example of what an ethically conscious manufacturer should be. From materials to production, Zady counts it all as important and wants other businesses to follow suit.

  3. Learn your Materials:  Zady provides in depth information on what are natural fibers and what are chemical fibers, because they know you will shop elsewhere too and they want to equip you with knowledge!

  4. Fashion x: From Climate Change to Corruption to Toxicity, Zady wants you know what that fashion can impact these large problems in the global society. People talk a big game, but when you break it all starts with us, the consumers.  

  5. The Life Cycle of Clothes: Clothes do not last forever, and Zady informs you about donations, landfills, and more. What happens to our clothes after we are done using them is just as important as when we wear them.

If you are a reader, I suggest you visit their site and get your fill! Ignorance feeds complacency, because we don’t know we can do better.

Zady does better and wants you to take action, too! And you can by signing their declaration! By “declaration”, it means providing your email so you can be kept up to date and actively participate in the choice you make. That choice involves investing in ethical brands, challenging the status quo, and just being better.

So, sign your electronic “John Hancock” and find independence from the “fast fashion” industry! Follow/like Zady on their Chronicle, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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