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Bihar, India. 

NIRMALA Women like Nirmala, who never set foot in a school have made and sold one hundred petticoats in her village. When Supei, our Co-founder, asked how she did this, Nirmala replied proudly, “I did not advertise. People came because they heard our petticoat was very good quality.” The rest of the women explained that although people did not believe them, they were impressed once they saw their stitch work. Eventually, people started buying from our women instead of going into the market. Sampo, our head sample maker, tells us that the reason for their success includes their service, higher quality fabric and stitching. They are determined to deliver on time with the best possible product to their local community.                                     

ROSHAN “Before joining Nomi Network I did not have any skills, and I was working as a seasonal wage laborer on other people’s land. After joining Nomi Network, I learned stitching, basic reading and writing skills, and now I am training other women from the red light community. Earlier, all my earnings went to my father, but now I have my own bank account and some savings as well. Since my father was very abusive, I left my house with my mother, and with my savings I built a new house on government land. I am now living happily with my mother. This entire training program gave me the strength and knowledge to train other women."                                                                                                                                                                      

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